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Digital Photo Finish

With more than half a million posted finishes under our belt, ONTrack Media & Entertainment has produced more photo finishes than anyone else in North America. A trailblazer in the transition from film to digital photo finish technology, ONTrack continues to develop and implement industry-leading photo finish solutions that bring the highest standard of integrity to the horse racing industry worldwide.  ONTrack's digital photo finish solutions use specialized high scan rate digital photography to capture and display, in colour, the order of finish accurately and immediately.


  • Full colour, high-resolution digital images of race photo finish

  • Images of finish instantaneously generated following the race

  • Highly visible output to multiple video displays, including judges, charter, and public viewers

  • Proven technology with easy-to-use interface and customizable user profiles

  • Integrates into existing video-based infrastructure

  • eDisplay can be used to create a slide show of race day photo finishes


  • Electronic images can easily and quickly be distributed to multiple locations for review as well as archived online

  • Display can be designed specifically for individual racetracks

  • Increased speed of posting official results

  • Increased customer confidence in officiating via transparent and effective results

  • Decreased costs as racetrack no longer has to post hard-copy finish prints

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