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ONTrack Media & Entertainment Inc. and its predecessor companies have been service providers to the horse racing industry since 1950. We provide third party video race patrol, photo finish, timing and TV production services to North American racetracks and Canadian regulatory agencies.

ONTrack works closely with our clients and the industry to develop new and innovative products, solutions and services that support and enhance the horse racing industry. We believe in establishing and maintaining a true partnership with each of our client racetracks.

ONTrack is built on a longstanding foundation of providing cost-effective regulatory and TV solutions and services. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients with our dedicated operations team and experienced TV crews and deliver exciting next-generation entertainment solutions to the industry and racing fans everywhere.

Our Services

Our custom built TV Graphics system, VIP Race was designed specifically for the pari-mutual racing industry.

ONPatrol, our custom built Judges Replay system was designed specifically for the pari-mutual racing industry.

Our custom designed HD Broadcast TV Systems are designed to meet all provincial regulations and provide you a cost effective solution.

Our Services

Utilizing the latest state of the art cameras, see how ONTrack can provide you with a fully compliant Photo Finish system

Learn how ONTrack can provide your facility with either a GPS based, or local point-to-point timing system.

From TV's and LED Video Displays to Sports Tickers, menu boards, sports tickers and more, learn how ONTrack can custom design a solution for your facility.

Ready to find out more?

Please contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation on any of your facilities needs.  

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