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The VIP4 Graphics System is a comprehensive and industry-leading horse and dog racing broadcast graphics solution. Currently employed by over 30 racetracks across North America, VIP4 is designed with two primary objectives in mind:

  • Provide additional features not available in other standard race graphics packages;

  • Increase operational efficiency by enabling operators to handle additional responsibilities.


As part of the VIP4 design process, ONTrack works closely with clients to tailor each individual system and graphics display to the unique desires of racetrack operators. The VIP4 suite is built on Windows PC technology in a streamlined and user-friendly manner, making program operation easy to learn and customize while retaining all the core features demanded by industry-standard broadcast production systems.

ONTrack’s reputation for product support further sets us apart from our competitors, creating an unparalleled VIP4 service package.


  • Single compact system minimizes rack space requirements.

  • Does not require multiple components or additional peripheral devices for the studio system.

  • Simultaneously runs broadcast production and tote board graphics.

  • Handles Analog or SDI video inputs.

  • Supports all North American tote companies: Amtote, United Tote, and Global Tote (fka Sportech, AutoTote)

  • Ideal for any type of track: Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Quarter Horse and Greyhound.

  • Fully compatible with data from all major timing systems.

  • Optional integration of video clips, tickers, and animated transitions & backgrounds.

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  • Complete creative control of the broadcast output design.

  • Built as a Windows PC application for ease-of-use right out of the box.

  • Quickly and easily design custom graphics and crawl displays for your customers.

  • Build and retain customer loyalty via a professional-grade production.

  • Alter and update data in real time if required during a production and permitted by the track.

  • Increase handle: enhanced visuals increase the likelihood that bettors don’t miss betting window.

VIP4 Icon 2.png
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