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Judges Replay System

ONPatrol Digital Race Recorder delivers an unparalleled race recording solution for operators and racing authorities alike - all in one box.  The ONPatrol system is a proprietary, single-unit, multiple channel, digital video recording and playback system, developed exclusively for the horse racing industry by ONTrack Media & Entertainment Inc.

OnPatrol replaces current race patrol technology with an integrated and user-friendly approach for video race review. It fulfills all regulatory requirements for race patrol at a fraction of the cost of other solutions with similar features.  

Whether replaying a just-recorded race or a race from a previous card, ONPatrol provides all the necessary controls for custom race playback to officials on just a single screen.


  • Simultaneous and automatic video recording of up to eight video inputs

  • User-friendly recording and playback tools via ONPatrol’s intuitive user interface design

  • Single unit construction for increased cost, energy and space efficiency

  • Tailored to meet regulatory requirements, expediting the typical race patrol process

  • Automatic start and marker creation via integrated tote and timer data feeds


  • Minimal operator intervention for full product functionality

  • Seamless integration with Judges’ and Stewards’ regulatory needs

  • Requires little user training or orientation beyond basic computer skills

  • Fulfills the same functions as numerous interconnected devices in one compact tower or rack-mount unit

  • Customizable for integration with all major tote and timer data feeds as well as individual racetrack or regulatory requirements

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